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Mel Choyce:

Automattic just launched a new selfies app!

Originally posted on Gravatar Blog:

On the way to building a Gravatar app, we noticed that taking pictures of ourselves to update our Gravatars was something we only wanted to do every month or so, but then we started taking selfies and sharing them with each other and that became a daily and very fun habit. So our Gravatar app morphed into a Selfies app, and it’s now ready for the world to play with! You can read more about the app here. We hope you become one of the first brave souls to try it out, and let us know what you think.

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 Final Fantasy VI explores human pain through its shattered geography

“Sabishii” is how Hironobu Sakaguchi described the type of game he wanted to make when creating Final Fantasy. It’s a Japanese word that means “lonely.” Right out of the gate, Square’s role-playing series nailed that feeling, the games’ inherent austerity enhanced by painter Yoshitaka Amano’s ghostly art and Nobuo Uematsu’s delicate soundtrack. No Final Fantasy game has been so committed to loneliness as Final Fantasy VI, though, which is strange considering it has the largest cast of colorful world-saving heroes. Stranger still, they fail to save much of anything, and the world ends, at least for a while. But the World Of Ruin isn’t a place for nihilistic moping or stoic melodrama, though there are dollops of both here and there. Final Fantasy VI uses its gutted world to explore how people overcome failure and loss to build hope in new lives.

Great write-up about what made Final Fantasy VI so heart-wrenchingly great.

Mama’s Boy

Mel Choyce:

Had a great mother’s day brunch with my mom here!

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Being a Northern and traveling a lot to the South, I have always enjoyed Southern Cuisine, especially shrimp and grits. When my son found a restaurant we could all meet at in South Norwalk that had a southern flare, we decided to meet there for brunch.  I had looked up their menu online and saw that there were delectable delights such as shrimp, grits and country fried bacon. Now how could country fried bacon me anything but mouth-watering?

They have a great drink selection, one worthy of being southern. You should try one of their green tomato Bloody Mary’s.  I had their mimosa special of the day.

We started with appetizers, fresh berries, deviled eggs, and OMG fried chicken skins and fried okra. Talk about pleasing the palette! The deviled eggs were filled with a yummy filling and they even put the filling on the bottom of the plate to…

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This framing of the ‘I was a bullied kid’ derail fundamentally frames nerdy children as necessarily being boys. Not too surprising given how men are usually understood as the default person and their experiences universal and generalizable to everyone else.

The lack of empathy and sensitivity displayed by guy nerds who may have been bullied as young geeky boys, is all the more striking when you consider the fact that marginalized people (generally, but especially the likewise nerdy ones) don’t often display the same lack of empathy or willingness to understand.

via so when we talk about bullying – satifice.

As a geeky girl who was bullied as a child, this article was particularly meaningful.

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Portfolios on

Mel Choyce:

My coworkers have been working hard to create a new Portfolios content type on They’ve launched it today, along with two new gorgeous, free portfolio themes!

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Creating a beautiful portfolio just got much easier: we’re delighted to introduce you to the new Portfolio Content Type.

Portfolio Content Type


Once enabled on your site, your dashboard gains a brand new “Portfolio” section, where you’ll be able to manage all your portfolio projects in one place, separate from your posts and pages. You can categorize and tag your projects in a way that doesn’t overlap with your blog posts. Better yet, you won’t lose your projects and won’t need to reorganize your content everytime you switch themes. And best of all, the feature is free.

Starting a portfolio is as easy as checking an option in your dashboard. We’ve got a step by step guide with all the details for you.

But wait! Before you rush off to populate all of your portfolio projects and share them with the world, we have one more announcement that will really make your visual Portfolio shine… two new free…

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Longreads Joins the Automattic Family

Mel Choyce:

Welcome, Longreads team!

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Today we’re excited to announce that we are acquiring Longreads, the pioneering service that helps readers find and share the best longform storytelling around the world, for reading on mobile devices.

Over the last five years, Longreads and its community have created a new ecosystem for readers to find great in-depth stories, and for writers and publishers to distribute their best work over 1,500 words. Longreads will continue to do what it does best — recommending stories from across the Internet — and we are excited to have them join the team and continue in their commitment to serving readers.

Mobile reading and the appetite for longform content

As consumption has moved to mobile devices, there has been a growing hunger for longform content: phones and tablets are perfect for enjoying in-depth articles, and there are more moments than ever for readers to dig into a story —…

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